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Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Understanding How Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy Can Help You

When you suffer an acute or sustained injury, your pain levels may cause you to miss out on opportunities for fun and adventure. Your ability to work and take care of yourself may even become compromised. In an effort to keep all our patients in excellent health, we utilize cutting-edge treatments to keep pain levels low and facilitate the full injury healing process.

As a part of these cutting-edge treatments, our Arlington chiropractic team can utilize extracorporeal shockwave therapy to jumpstart the healing process. Shockwave therapy offers an incredible range of benefits that allow you to move toward complete pain relief.

a chiropractor treating knee pain in Arlington, TX

Removal of Calcium Buildup

When an injury occurs, the microtears in your muscle tissue release a cascade of calcium that builds up in your body. Without extracorporeal (extra carpo real) shockwave therapy treatment performed by a skilled chiropractor in Arlington, the calcium buildup can contribute to the worsening of your pain levels.

The acoustic waves released by the shockwave equipment blast away the calcium deposits to remove elements hindering the healing process. As your body heals, continued treatments can keep the calcified fibroblasts from returning and inhibiting your ability to heal fully from the injuries.

Relief from Inflammation and Muscle Spasms

In many cases, severe or chronic inflammation contributes to the increasing pain levels you feel each day. The reduction of inflammation is the key to preventing injuries from continuing to increase in severity. You can enjoy a rapid reduction of severe and chronic swelling by undergoing shockwave therapy. As the system sends acoustic waves through your soft tissues, inflammation will decrease in kind.

Help with Healing from Muscle Strain and Injuries

Shockwave therapy has the potential to jumpstart the healing process by releasing trigger points and simulating the growth of new blood vessels and collagen. As the blood vessel regrows through your soft tissues, the improved nutrient and oxygen flow increases the speed of the healing process.

The production of collagen helps your body repair the damaged structures in that area. You will likely notice an immediate reduction in your pain levels as the shockwaves triggers the function of the neurotransmitters that mitigate those sensations.

Acquiring Shockwave Therapy from Our Arlington Chiropractic Team

If you have suffered a serious injury and need care from a chiropractor in Arlington, contact our team at Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic Health Centre by dialing (817) 265-7335. We will help you find the appropriate level of care for your unique health situation.

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